Chart Review and Analysis


We analyze charts and other pertinent healthcare and legal documents for comparison and correlation with the legal charges.  We'll identify missing items and additional materials to request as well as screen cases to eliminate the expense of non meritorious lawsuits.

Medical Document Interpretation


We interpret medical documents for review by attorneys.  What's being said in the medical record?  What's NOT being said in the medical record?  Our decades of medical judgment is exercised in all facets of the case.  

Legal Counsel Education


We educate attorneys and others about medical facts and issues relevant to a case.  We're here to provide support during discovery, depositions, trial, and other legal proceedings.



We conduct research to apply the most authoritative medical literature.  The "standard of care" principle is applied to each aspect of the case.  

Collaboration and Communication


We establish and maintain effective working relationships with all parties involved in the case.  We communicate clearly in both written and verbal form to audiences with varying levels of medical knowledge.  

The Big Picture


We develop reports and chronologies to highlight significant medical events and clarify how they fit into the overall case analysis.  We see ourselves as a member of your legal team.  Let's work together to accomplish your objectives.